Alternative Fuels Infrastructure and Standards in Europe

This week I have been analysing the European standards supporting the implementation of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive and subsequent amendments and complements.

You can see the result in the following link: 

It has not been an easy task for several reasons.

Firstly, the cited standards were not mentioned with the corresponding year or edition (i.e. undated references). This situation often leaves the false impression to manufacturers and other economic operators that they can apply the version that they want, when it is clearly not the case. Some other believe that the version that has to be applied it has to be the one that was enforce at the time of publication. But this is also not that evident, even for a person like me, used to work with European legislation and standards. Moreover, national public authorities may have different interpretations across Europe on which is the standard that has to be applied. This creates an additional lack of legal certainty to economic players applying the cited standards.

Secondly, some standards have been developed or updated as a result of the associated standardization request from the EC (formerly known as Mandates). Some cited standards were reviewed in between and new Commission Delegated Regulations continued to cite standard in an undated way. As a result, an economic operator applying one standard in the context of the Directive, could have to apply the revised version when applying the requirements in the Delegated Regulation. But this is, again, not very clear.

That’s why I decided to prepare such pages, allowing the users to track the corresponding versions of the standards. 

Of course, taking into account some legal uncertainties, I decided to include disclaimers at the beginning of each webpage. Better safe than sorry. Just in case.
I hope you find it useful.

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