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How to check the Status of European standards supporting the GPSD Directive

Tool to find and track in a very simple way the
When following up European legislation (and in fact, any legislation in general), it is difficult to check the text of the legislation and then look for the standard that is cited in the Directive or Regulation. Moreover, as time goes by, the standards are being revised and it is important for me to track and identify the status of such revised standards.

In fact, the information regarding standards and legislation is often split into different websites, and it is very hard for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and in particular, for micro-companies, to understand which are the standards they have to apply in the context of an EU Directive, and if such standard will be revised or not in the medium or short term.

There is a tool that free of charge and easy to use, that gives companies and product safety authorities and consumer protection organisations the way to find and track such information. It is called genorma.com and the tool can be accessed via this hyperlink: https://genorma.com/en/directive . Then, you only have to select the legislation or introduce the keywords (for instance, General Product Safety Directive) and tachaaaaan!!!!

I hope you will find this advice useful. Please let me know. Best, Francisco

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